Address The Warfare

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 15, 2016

Perhaps driven by the Milwaukee rioting that followed the police shooting of an Armed black man last week, I am hopeful that groups like Black Lives Matter and more mainstream organizations like the NAACP address the internecine warfare that is convulsing neighborhoods in Baltimore, St. Louis, Newark, Detroit and so many other cities, including Milwaukee.

We are in the grips of a Ghetto Civil War.

The civil rights issue of our time is not cops killing unarmed black men, that is a symptom of this far more significant issue. The cop in Milwaukee was also a black man. It is not specifically about race.

It is about values, civility, dope and guns. The obscene widespread availability of deadly weapons is fueling urban warfare, usually over drug turf. 9 killed this weekend in Chicago. Over 30 shot and wounded. Many have lost sight of the value of life.

Society's response? Write another gangsta rap.

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