Fox & Friends August 27th

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 27, 2016

My talking points for Fox & Friends today Live at 9am

1- In re: the Clinton Foundation: Frequency of overlap of her meetings with donors fuels ironclad perception of a quid pro quo. “You give $ to fndn, then you can meet with the Secretary of State.”

The Fndn is ripe for investigation. Republicans in congress should not have wasted so much time on Benghazi baloney.

2-The Donald Trump I know is not a racist. Further, his take on ghetto life is not a stereotype, it is real. Look what happened to Dwayne Wade's cousin yesterday, shot and killed in chicago while pushing her stroller.

Trump did not denounce David Duke quickly enough. He let blacks get roughed up in his rallies. And waited too long to get involved with people of color.

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