Donald Trump - What about undocumented immigrants?

by Geraldo Rivera | Aug 30, 2016

Donald Trump's immigration policy will be judged by one thing:

Does it or does it not include Mass deportation for undocumented immigrants?

If it does, then there has been no softening of his Draconian position that he has been expressing over and over again in the past year. If it does not include Mass deportation then what is the difference between Mr. Trump's policy and President Barack Obama's policies?

Importantly, if Mr. Trump has pivoted on immigration and softened his position will he gain anything, other than possibly my vote?

Why would Latinos for example trust that he is speaking truthfully now, when for the last year he has held the opposite position? And what will those people who have supported him for the last year precisely because of his harsh policies think about their Champion?

What about the wall? That Mexico will pay for. Nothing in the Trump campaign has resonated more profoundly than the wall and fixing undocumented immigration.

IF he backs down it will be like when President George HW Bush backed down on his pledge of no new taxes. It cost Bush 41 the election of 1992. He was defeated by Bill Clinton. But it might be Trump's only hope of broadening his appeal.

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