Fox & Friends September 2nd

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 02, 2016

Talking points for Fox and Friends at 8am et today:

On Trump's speech and doubling down on his tough message about undocumented immigrants:

Hi as I've been saying Trump speech was great for a primary, but was unnecessarily harsh for a general election. I thought he was much better earlier in the day in Mexico. In Arizona he seemed too strident and unnecessarily harsh. I thought it was a net negative in terms of expanding his base, although I understand how his most ardent supporters dug it.

On the SF QB who refuses to stand for the National Anthem:

Kaepernick's biggest offense is lack of manners. To sit during the Anthem is his constitutional right but it is really bad manners. maybe nobody would care if he were a better football player. Now, with the 'pig cops' socks, he just seems angry, unhappy and narcissistic.

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