Fox & Friends September 3rd

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 03, 2016

Talking points for special appearance this morning on Fox and Friends:

Number one the timing of the holiday weekend FBI/State Department document dump certainly seems to suggest that they are trying to minimize the impact of the Hillary Clinton documents discovered.

I am having just woken up unaware of any mitigating Factor to explain away the harsh rhetoric of Trump's Wednesday night immigration speech. To me again, it seems like Trump Triumphed in Mexico only to lose sight of the ball in Arizona.

3rd, the possibility that Trump could get more black votes than any Republican candidate in modern times?

I do not think so. Although I believe Trump is generally speaking grudgingly admired by much of the African-American community, the polls I've seen all indicate that black people in America will not be voting for Donald Trump

Perhaps speaker Gingrich is guilty of wishful thinking.

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