A Sorry Place In Contemporary History

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 06, 2016

We have come to a sorry place in contemporary history. If you point out how popular culture, including hip hop & rap, glorify the virtue of violent urban life, you are labeled a racist or culturally insensitive.

The same thing happens when a commentator points out the obvious structure flaw in the thinking of Black Lives Matter: that the organization cares about Black Lives, first and foremost when those lives are taken by Blue Cops.

That is a real problem that must be addressed, but it pales in comparison with the main issue that ails people of color in cities like Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, Newark, Camden, New Orleans, Detroit and others.

Chicago just suffered its 500th murder this year. The vast majority of those homicides were young black men killed by other young black men. This urban bloodletting should be the civil right issue of our time.

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