Not Just Hillary Clinton

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 02, 2016

Donald Trump is not just running against Hillary Clinton. He is running against a more formidable foe, the mainstream media, which means all the major outlets except Fox News and the handful of relevant hard right wing websites.

Imagine how daunting it must be to face the entire investigative power of the New York Times and the Washington Post?

Whatever you think of their moral authority or motivation, no one can deny their reporting prowess. When they target an individual, there is no mercy.

In part because of the unconventional nature and aggressive attitude of the candidate, even the pretext of objectivity has been replaced by a kind of triumphalist attitude in the big newsrooms.

I bet they are high fiving at the Old Gray Lady this afternoon. "We got him by the balls on his taxes."

This latest tax flap will not be Trump's last challenge before Election Day. Look for an expose every few days. They are at war and Trump is the enemy.

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