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by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 24, 2016
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Latest CNN/ORC poll has Clinton up by 5%. Not exactly the 12% landslide ABC poll had yesterday. Trump's still way behind and would require an historic comeback bigger than any other ever. Still, who knows, these are strange times.

Second Note: Whatever you think of Senator Elizabeth Warren, that lady kicks ass.

On a third Note: it really sickens me to watch Republicans gloating over Russia hacking various Democratic websites and emails. The Commies then send info gathered to Putin tool Julian Assange's Wikileaks. He then publishes here and abroad.

Don't folks realize that Russia has probably hacked the GOP too?And that Putin/Assange are trying maliciously to influence our elections? Russia is trying to decide who the next US President is.

If politicians had half a brain/soul they would understand that, as Senator Marco Rubio said, today it's the Democrats who are targeted, But tomorrow it will be the GOP that gets whacked by Commie internet hackers.

Assange is a Putin tool: Wake the @#*k up.

Finally, it is past time for the USA to recognize that the way to stop the suffering in Syria is for Assad and his government to prevail. Supporting the rebels only prolongs the suffering of Syria's civilians.

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