Beautiful fall afternoon in NYC

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 01, 2016
By Daniel Schwen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The New York Times still gives Hillary an 88% chance of victory next Tuesday. I'm not feeling that vibe. My sense is that the former Secretary of State's balloon was popped by FBI Director James Comey, and that billionaire businessman Trump has come back from the Access Hollywood dead.

I put the race at 50/50, 'pick um' depending on turnout.

Of course the geniuses at the NYT have hyper-analyzed the Electoral College mumbo jumbo and I haven't. I'm just going on my sense of the street, dozens of interactions all around the country and absorbing the various polling that I trust. And I don't trust all polls because many do not figure in the "I'm secretly for Trump but won't tell you because I'm afraid you'll think I'm stupid or racist" vote.

What that spells is an unprecedented comeback for Trump who should have been out of this race long ago. Win or lose the White House, in any case, and for better and worse, the Revenge of the White People vote will preserve the Senate and the House for the GOP. (save your angry cards and letters, I'm not interested).

Now the party has to figure out how to represent all Americans by solving problems rather than creating them.

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