Traditional Votes

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 03, 2016
By Republican Party ( [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

For all the anxiety and fretting over Hillary's alleged sleaziness and Donald's purported character flaws, what appears to be happening in the final days of this election is that traditional Democrats, including, but not limited to blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, college grads, students and suburban women are going back to their party, as traditional Republican voters, including, but not limited to working class white men and women, military families, Southerners, Evangelicals and small business owners go back to their's.

Issues like Abortion rights, Immigration reform, the projection of military prowess, SCOTUS, and especially tax policy will do more to motivate voters than allegations of misogyny or corruption.

The Senate and House will probably stay in GOP hands and the national race result will be within historic norms, like 2012.

That means Secretary Clinton will probably win a close popular vote, with a more substantial electoral tally.

That's my prediction, absent some 11th hour bombshell of the sort Wikileaks is promising.

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