Potheads for Hillary?

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 04, 2016
By Dohduhdah (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The massive study in the Journal of Drug Issues makes clear that along with the now unstoppable and long overdue movement to end Reefer Madness and its grossly unfair impact on those poor and uneducated people who smoke too much pot, we obviously need a massive and aggressive campaign of public health

…Just as we finally did with cigarette smoking, which like pot use falls disproportionately on the poor and uneducated..

We’ve got to get the word out about what pot does when you wake and bake, or when you’re a kid whose brain is just getting formed and you’re on the corner getting high instead of playing sports or getting an afterschool job.

But I must point out that those poor and uneducated over-smokers are the ones getting busted and imprisoned for pot use; about ten million Americans, mostly black and Latino, in just the last decade. And I’d rather have them stoned in their parent's basements than rotting away in some jail that I, the taxpayer, am paying for.

Marijuana will become legal across the country within most of the nation within the next decade.

Political side note: three swing states are impacted by the pot initiatives: Maine, Arizona and Nevada (along with California and Massachusetts). I wonder whether the pothead millennials might flock to the polls to vote yes and stick around and vote for Hillary Clinton.

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