Trump's Cabinet Choices

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 19, 2016
By Transition 2017 ( [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

President-elect Donald Trump has the right to choose anyone he wants for his Cabinet and inner circle. He has earned the right to make those choices. Having said that, there is no doubt but that the people he has selected have come from the Hardline segment of the Republican Party.

General Flynn is a terrific soldier whose vision of Islamic extremism is probably correct. Still there is no doubt he worried many supporters when he joined in the chanting of "lock her up" at a political rally.

Senator Jeff Sessions who has a history of racist statements is undoubtedly a changed man from 30 years ago. still he's got to reassure people that he's no longer that Alabama politician who referred to Black prosecutors as boys.

In the context of these choices Governor Mitt Romney would be a brilliant selection as Secretary of State. It is precisely because of his moderation and the respect people have for him that would make him an inspired choice to be President Trump's Secretary of State.

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