This morning's appearance on Fox & Friends

by Geraldo Rivera | Dec 10, 2016
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1- While it is certainly true that the President-Elect won by a landslide in the Electoral College and it is also true that the CIA blew the assessment of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, still don't we want to know whether Russia truly interfered with our elections?

Despite the fact that we might like the results, the fact that a foreign power with hostile intent allegedly influenced our election is still a scary thing.

2- Trump remaining Executive Producer of Celebrity Apprentice is a non-issue in my opinion. While it was a delight to be on the program with Mr .Trump the show is really not going to take much of his time, and the allegation that maybe NBC might be favorably biased towards him is laughable, especially when you remember it's the same network that airs Saturday Night Live, which has been implacably hostile to Trump.

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