Time with the President-Elect

by Geraldo Rivera | Jan 14, 2017
Geraldo stand with President Elect Donald Trump in early January 2017

Great spending time with the president-elect yesterday afternoon. He started by joking that I look better without the beard. But then he went right into a serious discussion about how he is getting the American taxpayer a break on the F-35 fighter jet.

The first lady elect Melania was there. She could not have been more gracious. She remembered my wife Erica's name and invited us to the White House. Mr. Trump and I joked about Celebrity Apprentice and about how Arnold Schwarzenegger is not doing nearly as well as he did. He seemed in a good mood he's looking forward to his inauguration he's bemused by these calls for his tenure as the 45th president to be labeled illegitimate.

That is of course bogus.

He is our president our one and only president. and on January 20th after his inauguration he will be the 45th person in the history of the Republic to have that honour and we wish you well.

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