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Fidel Castro, John Rich, Arsenio Hall....maybe it's easier to ask who Geraldo has not conducted an interview with? Here we enjoy a sampling of the many interviews and appearances Geraldo has had over the years.

  • Death of a Dog

    by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 20, 2017

    “Charlie Manson is on death’s door,” I heard Friday evening from various sources. “It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy,” was my first reaction, followed this morning with grim satisfaction that at 83 years old, the monster was dead. Good riddance....

  • Puerto Rico Me Encanta

    by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 25, 2017

    My first thought was for my own family. When Hurricane Maria took aim at the already Hurricane Irma-battered island commonwealth of Puerto Rico I was filled with despair. “How much can these poor people take?”...

  • Breaking: OJ Parole

    by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 19, 2017

    Few covered the Simpson double murder Trial of the Century as closely as I did, from 1994-1997. The night of the civil court verdict finding him liable, ‘Rivera Live’ my CNBC show beat the broadcast networks and set a ratings record that lasted until a presidential debate 19 years later. ...

  • Texas Anti-Sanctuary Laws

    by Geraldo Rivera | May 28, 2017

    Texas is about to enact the nation's toughest anti-sanctuary city law. in the nation It not only allows cops and sheriff's to question the immigration status of anyone, anywhere, at anytime, it also specifically makes it a crime for a local cop or sheriff to refuse to detain an undocumented immigrant who was otherwise eligible to go free....

  • Sailing Book

    by Geraldo Rivera | Mar 30, 2005

    Sailing came into my life relatively late, in my 20's. Coming literally from the wrong side of the tracks, a post-war, working-class development north of the L.I.R.R. tracks in West Babylon, the feeling growing up was that sailing was reserved for the privileged kids from towns like Babylon on the Island's South Shore. Like the tastes of champagne and caviar, I wondered what sailing would be like, envious of the dashing preppies with sun-tanned g...

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