Congressional Shooting

Mental Incapacity Bill

CNN Credibility

Geraldo on Fox & Frien
ds, 2017 Geraldo On Fox & Friend
s, 2017 Geraldo Rivera on Varney & Co

Fox & Friends -- A shooter opens fire at a congressional baseball game, severely injuring Representatve Steve Scalise. Doe s a note found indicate attempted assassination? Video

Some of the left of the left wing are pushing a mental incapacity bill to remove the President. Geraldo discusses the MSM' s response to Trump. Video

Hannity -- Has CNN lost all credibility? The liberal media continues to run virulent anti-Trump footage, seizing on every detail. Video

Alexandria, VA shooting

Left-Wing Assassination

Congress Comes Together

On Wednesday, June 14th, a shooter opens fire in Alexandria, Virginia severely wounding Rep. Steve Scalise & several others.Video

Geraldo joins Sean Hannity in Alexandria to discuss the left-wing assassination attempt at a GOP congressional baseball game.Video

Congress comes together, for now -- and yet another leak from the special counsel probe.Video

Destroy Trump Media

Paris Accord Withdrawal

Hillary's Blame Game

Geraldo Rivera on Fox News Channel show Hannity, 2017

Geraldo Rivera & Monica Crowley discuss with Sean Hannity the Destroy Trump Media as Kathy Griffin jokes with his severed head. Video

Geraldo on Fox & Friends to discuss VP Mike Pence and Trump's recent pullout of the Paris accord. Video

Geraldo appears on Varney & Co to discuss Hillary Clinton's blame game. Video

Gianforte, Manchester

Roger Ailes passes away

James Comey fired

Geraldo On Hannity, 2017 Geraldo Rivera on Fox News Channel show Hannity, 2017

Greg Gianforte body slams a reporter but wins the election regardless. And what's with media treatment of Trump?Video

Ainsley Earhardt & Geraldo Rivera join Sean Hannity to discuss the tragic passing of Roger Ailes, and the impact he had.Video

Geraldo Rivera appears with Jay Sekulow on Hannity, to discuss the May 9th firing of FBI director James Comey by President Trump. Does this President have a target on his back regardless? Video

Marijuana Legalization

Language of the Left

USAG Jeff Sessions

Geraldo On Hannity, 2017 Geraldo Rivera on Fox News Channel show Hannity, 2017

Marijuana legalization: sign of the times or another challenge for our young folks? Geraldo & Dana Perino discuss. Video

Geraldo appears on Hannity along with Mercedes Schlapp to discuss the language of the left. Are conservatives really as vicious?Video

Jeff Sessions sends a memo urging 94 U.S.A.G.s to pursue the most serious charges possible against criminal suspects. Video

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