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Geraldo Rivera appearances on the Fox News Channel

President Trump Putin summit

16 Jul 2018

Geraldo weighs in as The Five take on President Trump's summit with Vladimir Putin.

Andrew McCabe fired

17 Mar 2018

Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe is fired after 20 years of service, and blasts President Trump in a statement.

Immigrants in CA Bay

02 Mar 2018

Oakland's mayor warns immigrants before ICE arrests 232 in CA bay area.

Failure to act?

24 Feb 2018

Did deputies fail to act during the Florida school shooting despite 911 calls about the suspect?

On location at CPAC

23 Feb 2018

Geraldo is on location at CPAC as Trump calls for schools to have offensive capability and an end to gun free zones

CPAC & gun control

22 Feb 2018

Heated debate about gun control at CPAC, should the age limit for firearms be raised to 21?

13 Russians indicted

17 Feb 2018

13 Russian citizens are indicted during the investigation by Special Counsel Mueller. Does Russian interference date back…

Florida shooting, gun control

15 Feb 2018

New calls for gun control come about after the Florida shooting. Does the media rush to politicize?

Ending partial shutdown

09 Feb 2018

Congress passes a 2 year budget, ending a partial shutdown. Speaker Ryan promises to address DACA.