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Puerto Rico electricity

30 Sep 2017

The humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico continues, though help is on the way. Nearly the entire electrical grid on the island…

Puerto Rico crisis

29 Sep 2017

Power, gas & water are in short supply as the crisis in Puerto Rico continues.

Jones Act waiver

28 Sep 2017

US waives Jones Act to aid Puerto Rico, as the military helps hospitals with repairs.

Where's the aid?

27 Sep 2017

Some Puerto Ricans say they have not seen government or aid workers since the hurricane struck.

Aid to Puerto Rico

27 Sep 2017

Help is on the way to Puerto Rico, as the U.S. military begins assisting displaced Puerto Ricans.

Rebuilding after storm

26 Sep 2017

Rebuilding the power grid will be a long process in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria destroys much of the infrastructure.

Hurricane Maria damage

25 Sep 2017

Hurricane Maria severely damages Puerto Rico, as Geraldo Rivera reports live on supplies running low.

Hurricane Maria in PR

25 Sep 2017

Has Hurricane Maria set Puerto Rico back by decades, as one local official? Live in Puerto Rico with reaction

Federal aid arrives

24 Sep 2017

Geraldo Rivera reports on the ground in Puerto Rico as Federal aid arrives to the island.