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Geraldo Rivera appearances on the Fox News Channel

Hurricane Maria strikes

21 Sep 2017

Hurricane Maria wreaks havoc on Puerto Rico, as the island is left with extreme flooding and no power.

London commuter blast

15 Sep 2017

A massive manhunt underway for the suspect after a blast on commuter train in London.

Trump's border wall

14 Sep 2017

Will the wall happen, and what will it mean for President Trump's credibility if it doesn't?

Hurricane Irma in Georgia

11 Sep 2017

Hurricane Irma floods through Georgia after wreaking havoc in Florida.

Hurricane Irma in Florida

08 Sep 2017

Hurricane Irma's wrath is impending on Florida, also Trump's deal with the Democrats.

Trump on DACA

06 Sep 2017

Geraldo appears on Hannity with reaction to President Trump's recent decision regarding DACA

Hurricane floodwaters

01 Sep 2017

With the floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey slowly receding, is the grim reality of devastation setting in?

Hurricane Harvey

01 Sep 2017

One Lucky Guy, Geraldo, discusses the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey with widespread devestation in Houston.

FBI refuses FOIA

30 Aug 2017

The FBI refuses an FOIA request regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server. Is that in the public…