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Russia probe jury

04 Aug 2017

Special counsel Robert Mueller impanels a grand jury in Russia probe, as the Trump administration cracks down on White House…

Gen. John Kelly

29 Jul 2017

General John Kelly is named as White House Chief of Staff as of July 31st -- a crackdown on leakers?

Obamacare repeal

28 Jul 2017

Geraldo joins Fox & Friends to discuss the failed repeal of Obamacare, and Anthony Scaramucci unloading on White House…

Reince Priebus ousted

28 Jul 2017

Geraldo joins the panel on Hannity to discuss Reince Priebus ousting. Was he loyal & gracious as Sean claims?

Skinny repeal fails

28 Jul 2017

The 'Skinny Repeal' of Obamacare fails in the Senate, as Scaramucci slams Priebus & Bannon in an interview. Geraldo…

NYC G20 protests

08 Jul 2017

'Broken windows are back.' Mayor De Blasio leaves NYC for G20 protests shortly after an NYPD officer is slain.

Media portrays Trump

07 Jul 2017

The Main Stream Media invents an 'awkward handshake' between the Polish first lady & President Donald Trump at recent…

Mental incapacity bill

01 Jul 2017

Some Democrats on the left are pushing a mental incapacity bill to remove the President. Geraldo discusses the MSM media's…

Anti-Trump coverage

28 Jun 2017

Sheryl Atkinson joins Geraldo on this episode of Hannity to discuss the persistent Anti-Trump coverage on liberal networks.…