Good Night America

Good Night America was hosted by Geraldo Rivera from 1974 through 1977. The show gained notoriety for its excellent, and sometimes dangerous investigations. Hugh Hefner (Good Night America 4), Roy Scheider from Jaws (Good Night America 20), daredevil Evel Knievel (Good Night America 7) were just some of the interviews that had millions of americans tuning in. Bringing outlaw biker gang Hells Angels members on-set (Good Night America 11) was just the beginning. Despite purported threats of major fines, lawsuits and far worse, Geraldo was the first to air the original Zapruder film on Good Night America 15 in 1975. This footage was used in the investigations and to prove or disprove conspiracy theories surrounding President John F. Kennedy's assasination. News programs in the format of Good Night America grew more and more rare as time went on.

Stars Of Broadway

Good Night America 10

28 Aug 1974

The lights, the glitter, the excitement of Broadway. All the stars on Broadway come together for 90 minutes to discuss what…

Don Imus, Hells Angels

Good Night America 11

12 Sep 1974

Geraldo Rivera hosts Good Night America Episode 11 with special guests Don Imus and the Hells Angels

John Denver, Shirley MacLaine, Harry Chapin

Good Night America 12

10 Oct 1974

Geraldo Rivera hosts Good Night America episode 12 with special guests John Denver, Shirley Maclaine and Harry Chapin

Fanne Fox, Star Trek, William Shatner

Good Night America 13

23 Jan 1975

Geraldo Rivera hosts Good Night America episode 13 with Fanne Fox and William Shatner to talk Star Trek

Bermuda Triangle, who really killed JFK

Good Night America 14

03 Mar 1975

Geraldo Rivera hosts Good Night America episode 14 with special guest Raquel Welch, also talking Bermuda Triangle and President…

Assassination of President Kennedy

Good Night America 15

27 Mar 1975

An investigation into the facts and fallacies surrounding President John F Kennedy's assassination 11 years prior. Includes…

Birth Without Violence, IRS, South Africa

Good Night America 16

17 Apr 1975

Geraldo Rivera hosts Good Night America 16 about Birth Without violence,the IRS, South Africa and more

Patty Hearst and the FBI

Good Night America 17

22 May 1975

In the studio are Jack and Mickin Scott, sportswriters, suspected by the FBI of harbouring Patty Hearst in a rented farmhouse,…

Willowbrook, Jay J Armes

Good Night America 18

05 Jun 1975

Geraldo Rivera hosts Good Night America 18 talking Willowbrook and Jay J Armes

COYOTE, Hookers Convention, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Good Night America 19

15 Jun 1975

Geraldo reports on the 2d annual hookers convention in San Francisco and speaks about some of the issues with women who…