Good Night America 1

Prostitution, Beautiful People

April 3rd, 1974

The first show of the season contained an in-depth look into the victimless crime of prostitution. We scanned the country from California to New York which included interviews with the girls, the boys, and even the clients. Live in the studio were a "Madam", as well as Barbara Quinn, a prostitute gone straight. From the "Ladies of the Night" we moved onto the "Queen of the Night" with a film report on singing star Maggie Bell. Finally, we jet set it to Mexico for a film segment on the Beautiful People and the opening of a resort, "Las Hadas". Guests on this segment of the show included George Hamilton, Michael York, Mick Jagger, Kenneth Jay Lane, Bette Midler, A Kino, 4 Princesses, and 7 Barons.

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