Good Night America 25

Linda & Paul McCartney, Henry Winkler

June 28th, 1976

Elizabeth Ray, a $14,000 year secretary who can't type, file, etc., was on the payroll of Congressman Wayne Hays until she went public with their private relationship which touched off an investigation that led to his downfall. Geraldo interviews her about this. Paul McCartney once part of the Beatles now is touring the country with his own band, Wings. Geraldo interviews Paul and Linda McCartney an d included is a look back at the Beatles. Henry Winkler, the star of Happy Days was interviewed by Geraldo while playing summer stock in Ohio. He talks about coping with stardom and the show. The KKK today is a fanatic fringe group obsessed by racial hatred and commi tted to violence. After a decade of decline, there seems to be a resurgence of interest in the Klan, fueled by such emotional issues a s busing and encouraged by a public relations campaign that emphasizes the membership and number of offices are growing. Geraldo inter views several Klan members about thier activities.

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