Good Night America 26

Ruby/Oswald, JFK Assassination

August 23rd, 1976

The Ruby/Oswald Connection is explored in the assassination of President Kennedy, a follow up program of a year ago. Investigations ha ve always failed to turn up a connection between Jack Ruby and Oswald and many feel this connection exists and would prove Oswald didn' t act alone. A nightclub comic employed by Jack Ruby is interviewed, he claims to have seen the two together, Eva Grant, Jack Ruby's s ister is interviewed and she claims they never met. Geraldo also speaks with Jack Anderson and Frank Sturgis who worked at the CIA at the time of the assassination. Neil Diamond is interviewed about his four year self imposed layoff from his concert and singing career . John Denver talks to Geraldo about nuclear energy, what it means to Colorado and the rest of the country. He feels a responsibility as a public personality to speak out against the building of reactors.

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