Good Night America 28

The Hite Report, A Sexual Survey

March 3rd, 1977

The program centered around a discussion of The Hite Report which had been on the best sellers list for over 12 weeks. The book had won widespread acclaim as one of the most important and revolutionary sexual surveys in years. Guests included Shere Hite, Dr. Mary Calderone, a pioneer sex researcher, Dr. Lea Schaefer, psychotherapist and author, feminists, Kate Millet and Norma Swenson. Later in the program, Geraldo is joined by author and lawyer Marc Feigen Fasteau and Dr. Carol Tavris, a social psychologist. Lydia Bragger and Estelle Rib along iwth Ed Breacher discuss older people and sexuality. Shere Hite closes the show with a discussion of her new book which will be on male sexuality.

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