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This episode of Now It Can Be Told starts with food stamp fraud -- is the situation in New York City easily found in other places across America? Undercover agents are 'selling' a supermarket owner $25,000 worth of food stamps for $15,000 cash. Undercover agents are also interviewed for the show with Alexander Johnson in the field. A recipient, Jose Hernandez, talks about what he's seen. The next segment looks at the Death of a Princess, Grace Kelly. She started as a model in New York City, an actress, and on to so much more. Friends Rita Gam, Vera Maxwell, and Patricia Burstein are interviewed. Craig Rivera covers the story from Monaco to get to the bottom of the controversy. Finally, this episode looks at the current defense budget of 240 billion dollars -- about $1,100 per U.S. citizen. Where does the money go? Some investigating shows the U.S. Department Of Defense spending up to $999 on a single pair of pliers. Roberta Baskin reports.

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