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This episode of Now It Can Be Told focuses on two topics; the tradition of grindadrap practiced in the Faroe Islands, and the fate of Bob Marley's estate. Grindadrap is an ancient pagan tradition of hunting whales. The Faroese use boats to herd the whales ashore, then harvest them by hand with spears and hooks in the shallow waters. With so many efforts around the world aimed at saving whales, is this a respected part of Faroese culture, or truly tragedy at a bloody beach? Roberta Baskin reports for this segment, and interviews are conducted with Martin Jacobson of Bacalao Seafood, Kate Sanderson, a writer, and Kjartan Hoydal, then Director of Fisheries in the Faroe Islands. Next, looking at the rastafari Bob Marley's estate. The legendary cultural figure did not leave a will, and was survived by wife Rita Marley, their four children, as well as at least seven other children with four mistresses. The family is locked in a legal battle over his estate after Bob passed away from cancer at age 36, with presumably about 35 million dollars in his estate. Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records and a close friend of the Marleys, is interviewed for this segment. We also hear from Rita on the current status. The show wraps up with what could've been a major, completely overlooked, misstatement by an active U.S. president: did JFK say he was a jelly donut during a 1963 speech at the Berlin wall?

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