Now It Can Be Told 15


This episode of Now It Can Be Told, hosted by Geraldo, investigates in two major segments: the Attica prison uprising of 1971, and female serial killer Eileen Wuornos. Richard Wiese travels to Attica for the NOW show -- we learn that as much as one third of the entire Attica New York population are inmates. Richard interviews Eugene Smith, a hostage during the uprising, as well as Helen Cunningham, whose husband did not survive. Also interviewed is William Kunstler, an attorney. What could've have helped prevent this violent incident and the 43 deaths it created ? Next segment, correspondent Craig Rivera heads into the field to investigate the case of Eileen Wuornos: Is she America's first female serial killer? Sheriff Robert Vogel, of Volusia County is interviewed, as well as Dan Henry of Marion County PD and Brian Jarvis, formally of Marion County. Also interviewed is Ed Bonnett, a public defender and Jackie Giroux a hollywood producer. Footage from the trial of Eileen is played, as the NOW team investigates her motives and actions.

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