Now It Can Be Told 28


This episode of Now It Can Be Told starts with an in-depth investigation into the various modeling agencies of David DuPont. Roberta Baskin investigates. Model Managers Association of America ? Owned by Dupont. DupPont Modeling ? You guessed it. Young models, regardless of who they are signing up with, are promised to have their likeness sold to a variety of bidders -- they only need to pay for their own pictures, which are of course sold by the agency. Unfortunately, these men and women never see their $395 again as DuPont's agencies never even attempt to place the models they 'select'. With the Federal Trade Commission investigating his agencies and occasionally shutting them down, David DuPont seems unimpeded and continues to open up new agencies. Roberta reaches him by phone only to have him laugh at a potential judgement against him and candidly admit he'll never pay it, even if a court decides he should. The next segment focuses on Madonna -- does she actually enjoy the unauthorized, revealing documentaries coming out about her ? Author Douglas Thompson of 'Madonna Revealed' is interviewed extensively about his book, which includes allegations against Sean Penn and orgies in Paris. Madonna's press office issues token denials when the NOW team checks it out. Barry Levine of The Star claims to have received video from the star herself. Finally, Geraldo wraps up the program looking at the latest allegations against Donald Trump. Leonard Stern has called him a charleton who doesn't pay all his workers. The Donald speaks to Geraldo directly to respond.

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