Now It Can Be Told 29


This episode of Now It Can Be Told starts with the situation in Haiti, and what's going on there. 'Baby Doc' ruler Jean-Claude Duvalier was deposed in 1986, but the plight of that country's people has yet to improve. David Whipple, Executive Director of A.F.I.O is interviewed about what may happen in Haiti. Next, the NOW team takes a look at the millions of dollars Americans spend on nutritional supplements, with Krista Bradford reporting in the field. Doctor Victor Herbert of the Bronx V.A. Medical Center says "they're all scams". It is uncovered during the course of the show that while many claims by supplement manufacturers may be true, they are often conflated and mixed with claims that are not as true. The NOW team speaks with several people affected by this industry, including Gladiator bodybuilder Tonya Knight. The consensus is mixed, with some saying they do nothing, and some vowing they help during those crucial workouts. Carl Ann Weber, a bodybuilder and journalist, insists everyone uses supplements -- and they have their place. Finally, the show ends with Geraldo responding to the wave of response NOW has received since a show on Pantopaque, it's use in diagnosing back pain, and how it has led to nerve scarring and many cases of arachnoiditis. David Parker, a victim of this drug, is brought in studio to talk about his experience, and he thanks the NOW team for their attention to this malpractice.

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