Now It Can Be Told 32


The 32nd episode of Now It Can Be Told focuses on two big stories in the public eye; whether Winston Churchill actually gave his famous wartime speeches, and the tragic death of 19 year old Alan Pierce after he was illegaly served at three different bars. Correspondent Roberta Baskin reports from the field, interviewing Bill Pierce, Alan's father. Also interviewd is Jon Howard of Virginia's ABC board. The now team goes undercover with cameras, to see if the teenage actors can get served in restaurants that are under review precisely because of Alan Pierce's tragic demise. Shockingly, the teenagers are successful, in some cases being served, no ID required, by the managers themselves. The segment ends with Paul Ebert, commonwealth attorney, and Micky Sadoff, the president of MADD, interviewed by satellite. Next we see Correspondent Craig Rivera in London, looking into claims that the infamous voice of Winston Churchill, during his wartime speeches, was not actually his own. David Irving, a historian, is interviewed regarding these claims, and we find that actor Norman Shelley actually claims to be the voice on several audio recordings packaged for sale as "Winston Churchill's wartime speeches". David Hughes of EMI, the company selling and profiting from these sales, refutes the claims. The segment ends with Gareth Hopkins of EMI legal, and Marian Walker Spicer, Churchill's secretary, interviewed by Geraldo via satellite. EMI won't turn over the original recordings third party review, and Ms. Spicer assures the NOW viewers the speeches Were actually made by Winston Churchill.

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