Now It Can Be Told 5


Geraldo Rivera hosts this episode of Now It Can Be Told, which features an extensive investigation into the Movement Of Spiritual Inner Awareness , a non-profit religous corporation founeded by John-Roger. Is he a 'guru equal to the level of Jesus' as John-Roger himself has expressed ? This group is tax exempt and regulary hosts seminars with attendees from such notable companies as Lockheed and even government agencies like the U.S. Navy and Social Security Administration. With our tax dollars going to fund them through these seminars, the NOW team digs for the truth. Craig Rivera reports from the field, and former MSIA members Victor Toso, Walter Ligan and Dodie Bradie are interviewed. Also interviewed Tom Franklin Daly, a management training consultant who has worked with Lockheed, and David Lane a philosophy professor. Roberta Baskin finishes up the show, revealing whether it's Democratic debri or Republican refuse, trash cans are not cheap on Capitol Hill..

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