Now It Can Be Told 9


Geraldo begins this episode of Now It Can Be Told by introducing his extraordinary team of field reporters. They are Roberta Baskin, Craig Rivera, Gail Anderson, Krista Bradford, Richard Wiese and Richard Johnson. This team makes NOW what it is, a hard-hitting in-depth news program where no corrupt beaurocrat is safe. In the first segment, Roberta Baskin reports from Washington on some facts about President Geraldo Ford's personal wealth, and his pardon of Richard Nixon. Geraldo has Mr. Ford himself come on the show, to answer some of these questions and more. Mr. Ford re-iterates he did the right thing for America, and it was a decision made without Mr. Nixon's involvement. Later in the show we hear from Senator Bob Smith(R), New Hampshire, about the wasteful spending going on in Washington and what he plans to do about it. Gail Anderson reports from the field to find out what tax paying Americans think about congress appropriating $320,000 to buy former president William McKinley's step-mother's house. Is this the best thing for our tax dollars ?

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