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January 30th, 1992

First segment: "It was an explosion equal to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima....and it happened right here in America. This World War Two Disaster took hundreds of lives...but the tragedy was just beginning. The confusion, anger, and fear that followed the explosion led to what some have called one of the worst miscarriages of justice in American history, one that 47 years later has yet to be rectified. Gail Anderson went to the scene to expose this story."

Second Segment: "Geraldo, the Air Force says fax machines like this one aren't good enough for them. So they designed tehir own-- and what they came up with cost us over 115 million dollars."

Third Segment: "It's been decades since con artists of the type depicted in the movie 'The Sting' plied their trade across america. Well, it's 1991-- and the art of the scam is alive and well and operating in so-called boiler rooms from coast to coast. One particularly cruel con is one in which scam artists promise people with bad credit loans in exchange for a fee-- an advance fee. Well of course the advance fee disappears and the loan never arrives, leaving desparate people in worse shape than before. Craig Rivera takes us inside a dirty operation."

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