Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf

01 Jul 2015

Geraldo meets with Cat Greenleaf, host of Talk Stoop on News 4 New York. In this far-reaching interview, Geraldo and Cat…

John Rich live

01 Jan 2015

In this brief clip, John Rich plays the infamous 'Ring Of Fire' with Geraldo joining on vocals.

Geraldo Rivera 40th Anniversary

14 Aug 2010

Geraldo celebrates 40 years in TV, watch to see him spoofed and celebrated on a variety of network shows.  Includes clips…

1000 Miles Of Bad Road

20 Mar 2004

This Fox News Special aired on 03/20/2004. In it, Geraldo reports from Iraq on the situation there only a few short years…

Sworn Enemies

18 Mar 2001

"Walk down the street in the wrong neighborhood..get caught in the wrong neighborhood, it's a death warrant." Imagine a…

Nueva America

26 Dec 1999

Geraldo reports on the growing latinization of America. Rivera examines the importance of the Hispanic vote for future elections…

Front lines with the KLA

07 Jun 1999

This show, from Geraldo on CNBC, covers the conflict in Kosovo. At that time the Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA, was at…

Back to Bedlam

12 Mar 1999

Rivera returns to the subject of the mentally handicapped, in this hour long report which notes the fact that hundreds of…

A&E Geraldo's biography

01 Jan 1998

From birth to 1998, a review of Geraldo's life & Geraldo's career aired on the A&E television channel. Narrated…