Scrapple in the Apple

13 May 1992

At Howard Stern's urging, Geraldo boxed fellow celebrity Frank Stallone, who had at least 24 fights under his belt. Both…

Arsenio Hall Show

04 May 1992

In this extensive interview, Arsenio quizzes Geraldo on all sorts of topics. The conversation starts with the riots and…

Exposing Satan's Underground

22 Oct 1988

This program deals with devil worship and satanic beliefs. It contains explicit scenes and descriptions of violent crimes…

New Godfathers

17 Aug 1987

This special sees Geraldo traveling Sicily to speak with Italian Military and police about the mafia, their continued influence…

Innocence Lost

01 Jan 1987

This special edition takes a look at the condition of 1980s youth in America. In particular, the program examines the problems…

Doping of a Nation

20 Dec 1986

This special report aired on December 2nd, 1986, on 163 TV stations. It was seen by more than 15 million viewers and at…

Mystery of Al Capone's Vault

20 Apr 1986

What, if anything, is in the vault of notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone ? Buried beneath the Lexington Hotel, the country…

Blown Away, Dateline

15 Aug 1980

'Colombia's Drug War' Geraldo's in depth news special which appeared on Dateline about FARC, Colombia, and Cocaine.

Boxing for Charity

03 Mar 1978

"5' 10' 150 pounds, television star, sometime boxer...Geraldo Rivera!" Geraldo steps into the ring for charity, quite literally.…